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Broumov area

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The hotel features excellent location in the region. Your trips are literally at the hand reach. You can get to first rocks of the Broumov Walls on the country lane in the splendid walk through charming landscape in several tens of minutes... 

Broumov Walls

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Car: 5 minutes from the hotel

Bus: 10 minutes

Bicycle: Approx. 20 minutes

Walk: 30-40 minutes/3 km

Almost virgin nature offers to you romantic rock configurations, gulley and perspectives remote to the environment area. This natural preserve popular among the tourists will engage you and left you with many reminiscences. The Broumov Walls are popular due to their rock configurations, gulley, perspectives and standstill. In 1955 this sandstone relief spreading 638 ha was declared as National Nature Preserve.

Adršpach Rock Town

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Car: 20 minutes from the hotel

Train: 30 minutes, every hour, stops directly at the entry to rocks.

Bicycle: Approx. 90 minutes

So many fascinating corners as in the Adršpach Rocks can be seen only in few places world-wide. The Adršpach-Teplice Rocks are largest and wildest rock town in the Central Europe. They are not attractions for a single day, you can admire them for whole long life.

Teplice Sock Town

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Car: 15 minutes from the hotel

Train: 20 minutes, every hour, stop 200 m from entry to rocks.

Bicycle: Approx. 60 minutes

The Teplice Rocks covers a treasury in them. They glister, but are not golden. Rather transparent. The reason is that the rocky town is passed through by the springs, to which healing effects are assigned from time immemorial. But the rocks are worth seeing not only due to the brooks, small rivers and springs.

Jirásek Rocks- Bischofstein

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Car: 10 minutes from the hotel

Bicycle: Approx. 40 minutes

The Jirásek Rocks - Bišík - are accessible from Teplice Rocks or even from Adršpach. The Bišík is accessible from Teplice nad Metují through steep serpentine narrow road by bicycle or by car.

Hejšovina Table Mountain

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Car: 20 minutes from the hotel

Bicycle: Approx. 120 minutes

The Hejšovina mountain belongs to most distinct and nicest hills of the Czech Highlands. It is located on Polish territory, but it can be seen from Krkonoše, Králický Sněžník, Orlice and Rychleb Mountains. It is mentioned even by the Božena Němcová’s Grandmother, thus it belongs to us also a little. For Polish peoples this hill is something like Czech Paradise, Adršpach Rocks and Czech Swiss altogether for us. The splendid and large sandstone labyrinth on the top table attracts thousands of people to visit. If you chance to catch a nice weather, you will see  superb outlooks to the mountains of north Bohemia border areas, from Krkonoše to Jeseníky.

Ostaš Table Mountain

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Car: 10 minutes from the hotel

Train: 30 minutes to Žďár nad Metují. 30 minut walk from the stop.

Bus: 20 minutes

Bicycle: Approx. 40 minutes

An excellent tip for a trip is the Ostaš natural preserve declared in 1956 and located in top part of the Ostaš table mountain with height of 700 m. Ostaš is divided to Upper Labyrinth and Lower Labyrinth and the tourist round offers to the visitors diverse system of rocks, caves, passages and other bizarre formations. It is mysterious mountain covered with many legends.

Mainly the children will enjoy the Ostaš, as they will find there a rock labyrinth, Cat Castle, Devil’s Car etc. Natural paradise on the Earth for children! Table Mountain

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Car: 10 minutes from the hotel

Train: 30 minutes to Žď

Bus: 20 minutes

Bicycle: Approx. 40 minutes

An excellent tip for a trip is the Ostaš

Mainly the children will enjoy the Ostaš

Ruprechtice Spike

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Car: 10 minutes from the hotel

Bus: 15 minutes

Bicycle: Approx. 50 minutes

Ruprechtice Spike (Spitzberg in German) is highest mountain of Czech part of the Javoří Mountains. It achieves the height of 880 m, sometimes even 881 m is specified. The top is located in the Czech Republic, but it lays only several tens of meters from the boundary with Poland. The north-east slopes of the mountain lay in Poland. It is highest mountain of Broumov area protected natural preserve and Náchod District. From the south, the mountain features marked cone and regular shape, but also from the other sides the mountain features rather spiky shape, which gives a name to it. Metal, free accessible view tower was opened at the top in 2002.

Town of Broumov

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You will be accommodated directly in the historic centre.

For more than seven centuries the town of Broumov is administration, cultural and economic centre of the valley passed by the Stěnava river and limited by range of boundary Javoří Mountains and peaks of sandstone Broumov Walls. Up to end of 12th century the Broumov Highlands forming transition between east Krkonoše and Orlice Mountains were part of the native forest - natural frontiers of the Czech Premyslic state.

Broumov Churches

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The churches, so called „Broumov church group“, were built on the territory of the monastery domain acc. to plans of Kryštof Dientzenhofer and his son Kilián Ignác from start of the 18th century. Certainly they can be rightly considered for the baroque pearls of the region and each of the churches is an architectonic gem. The theme of the construction was renovation of unsatisfactory system of wooden churches. All churches were built during relatively short time period, from 1709 to 1743. Initiator of construction of the churches was Abbot Otmar Zinke, representative of the Benedictine Břevnov - Broumov abbey. Due to his effort not only baroque churches were established, but also minor sacral monuments in the environs, such as crosses, plastics, figures, cross paths etc.

Following churches belong to the „Broumov church group": 

  • St. Prokop Church in Bezděkov
  • St. Mary Magdalene Church in Božanov
  • St. Wenceslas Church in Broumov
  • All Saint Church in Heřmánkovice
  • Mary the Virgin Chapel on Hvězda
  • St Barbora Church in Otovice
  • St Jacob the Major Church in Ruprechtice
  • St. Margarita Church in Šonov
  • St. Michael Church in Vernéřovice
  • St. Anne Church in Vižňov

Broumov Benedictine Monastery

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Walk: 50 m from the hotel

The baroque gem in Broumov is significant architectonic and cultural complex. Significance of Broumov very increased during Husite wars. Regarding the fact that the Břevnov Monastery was burned off in 1420 by Husites, Abbot Nicolas II with several regular brothers resorted to Broumov. They brought many precious items, also largest manuscript book in the world, so called Codex gigas, which is however located from 1648 in Sweden as a war trophy. Movement of the abbots from Břevnov to Broumov had immense significance for cultural and economic development of the town and whole region. In the monastery refectory there is exhibited copy of so-called Shroud of Turin, which was found in 1999 in the monastery St. Vojtěch Church above the St. Cross Chapel. An authentic original document is attached to the Shroud, which proved that in 1651 the shroud was donated by Turin archbishop Julius Caesar Bergiria to the abbot at St. Nicolas in Prague Old Town, to future Prague archbishop Matoušov Ferdinand Sobek from Bílenberk.

Wooden Mary the Virgin Church

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Walk: 10 minutes

The legend says that the church was established in 1177 (i.e. shortly after establishing of the municipality in 1171). It is said that it was built by pagan noble woman, which accepted baptism at this place. The noble women devoted to the church also her pearl coronet, which is today stored in the Municipal Museum.

First mention of the church dates back from 1383, where it is denoted as an „old parish church“ or „Czech church“.

In 2008 the church was declared as national cultural monument.

Owl Mountains - Osówka Underground Complex

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‌Owl Mountains, Góry Sowie in Polish, with the "Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich" park declared in 1991, do not represent only the traditional goal of walkers. Besides common touristic attractions, among which we may mention view towers and the top mountain of the Owl Mountains, Big Owl, Wielka Sowa in Polish, at height of 1015 m, and at the Kalenica Mountain, from which there is splendid round outlook to remote environs (from Krkonoše to Silesia and Polish inner land), the Owl Mountains attract by their extensive underground complex from WW2. Even today the purpose is not exactly known, possible building of Hitler general headquarters or manufacturing plant for secret weapons. Construction of the underground complex was launched in summer 1943 under supervision of group, which formerly constructed the Atlantic barrier. Prisoners from close concentration camp Gross-Rossen were misused for slave work on the complex. Although the complex was almost completed (incl. electric installations etc.), it was never used. Some parts of the Osówka underground complex are accessible to public, incl. partially flooded passages.
It is worth to mention the Grodno Castle, important pilgrim place with basilica in Vambeřice, monastery complex Krzezsow and Ksiaz chateau. For more information see: http://www.osowka.pl/en/index.html

In addition to walk tourism, the Owl Mountains prompts also the visit of some of ski routes on slopes of the Big Owl and Sokol and Jugowska passes.


Car: 30 minutes from the hotel

Chudoba is one of the oldest spa resorts in Poland and Europe. The spa is here from 15th century, when whole area was part of the Czech Crown Countries. Firstly, it is mentioned by Jindřich from Minstrberg, son of Jiří from Poděbrady. Original name of then Czech village mentioned in 1477 was Lipolitov, but in the mid of 16th century it was renamed to Chudoba, later Kudoba, Bad Kudowa and in 1945 to Kudowa-Zdrój. Czech name of the town is Chudoba or Lázně Chudoba.


Car: 20 minutes from the hotel

Kladsko in Czech. District town at south of Lower Saxon Region, centre of present Kladsko District and historic Kladsko County. The town lays in the middle of Kladsko kettle valley on Kladsko Nisa. 28 081 inhabitants live here.

Merkur Museum

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Car: 10 minutes from the hotel

When he say the MERKUR word, everyone certainly thinks of a planet in our solar system, but majority of people in our country immediately recollects also most known Czech toy of the same name. Merkur is trademark of small trains and metal modular construction set, which was created at the start of former century in Police nad Metují. It can be basis of various models, road and railway vehicles, cranes and many other structures.

Olivětín Brewery

Walk: 20 minutes

Bier produced in the Broumov-Olivětín brewery is typical representative of so-called Czech type bier. Term of the Czech type bier means group of very akin biers regarding the organoleptic nature. Visit of the brewery and museum, incl. tasting.

Bathing in Environs

Meziměstí bathing premises, 10 minutes by car

Radkov natural basin, 15 minutes by car

Klodzko Aqupark  (Kladsko in Czech), 20 minutes by car

Kudowa Zdroj Aquapark (Chudoba in Czech), 25 minut‌

Aqua Zdroj Wałbrzych (Valbřich in Czech), 50 minut

Virtual Presentations:

Broumov Walls - Vulturine Nest

Broumov Walls - Smith Clove

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Jirásek Rocks - Black Pond

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Jirásek Rocks - Outlook

Adršpach Rocks - Bottle Neck

Adršpach Rocks - Lakelet

Teplice Rocks - Staircases to Střemen outlook Staircases to Střemen outlook  

Teplice Rocks - Střmen Castle

Hejšovina - outook

Benedictin Monastery

Benedictin Monastery - St. Vojtěch Church

Benedictin Monastery - Sacristy

Benedictin Monastery - Reflectory

St. Peter and Paul Church

Wooden Marry the Virgin Church

Wooden Marry the Virgin Church - interior

Merkur Museum  

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